Concrete Cutting

Track Sawing

A track saw, also called a wall saw, consists of a diamond-tipped circular saw blade mounted on a high powered saw motor that moves along on a rail track. Cuts are made as the blade is progressively fed into the concrete, making a series of passes until the required depth is reached. Water is used as coolant during the cutting operation.

Track saws can be used to cut into floors and walls up to 700 mm thick. Sawing at steep inclines, inverted sawing or sawing below water lines are possible.

The track saw is the preferred tool for saw cutting of pre-cast panels, poured concrete walls or slabs when openings are required, e.g. for HVAC, risers, windows, doorways for lift shafts, bank vaults, stairways, etc.

Concrete Cutting 1

Track saws make clean, precise cuts in reinforced concrete. Thick concrete and reinforcement bars are cut with ease. Structural damage, a problem associated with jack hammering, is avoided. The saws run on either hydraulic or electric power so the work is done without emissions for optimum air quality in the work environment.

Good performance in track sawing results from having the highest quality tools and machines. Our expertise ensures you get the job done economically and your project finished on time.