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Pure epoxy mortar for anchoring rebars & threaded rods to concrete, brick & rock.

  • a 2-component anchoring grade adhesive mortar packaged in a self-mixing injection cartridge
  • developed for anchoring steel threaded rods and rebar into concrete. Also highly effective for anchorages to rock, solid brick, hollow brick and block. Chem-GraniteTM Pure Epoxy bonds to any material in which a hole can be drilled
  • the strongest pure epoxy resin formulation optimises flowability, temperature tolerance, creep resistance and bond strength
  • for dynamic, vibratory and static loading
  • can be installed in dry, damp or water filled holes
  • resistant to most chemicals and solvents
  • 15 minute “working time” provides a longer installation time and reduces wastage
  • no shrinkage – ideal for large diameter anchors
  • contains no VOC’s or solvents
  • high loads at close spacing and edge distances
  • one cartridge for all sizes of threaded rod and rebar

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Product Description


Uncracked and cracked reinforced concrete, lightweight concrete, solid brickwork and blockwork, rock and stone, hollow brick and block*



  • Formwork support systems
  • Starter bars and rebar dowels in concrete
  • Hold-down bolts for machinery
  • Cladding restraints
  • Curtainwalling
  • Safety fences, noise barriers
  • Structural steel beams and columns
  • Highway safety barriers
  • Attaching steel angles in brickwork
  • Attaching WCs and washbasin brackets
  • Street lamps
  • Unipoles
  • Racking systems
  • Platforms

* Perforated sleeves are required when used in hollow brick or block



Compressive strength ASTM 695 86 N/mm2
Tensile strength ASTM 638 26 N/mm2
Flexural strength ASTM 795 44 N/mm2
Elastic modulus EN 196 p.1 10961 N/mm2
Flexural modulus EN 196 p.1 4272 N/mm2
Density after hardening EN ISO 1183 1.40 g/cm3
Linear coefficient of shrinkage D2566 < 0.003%
Water absorption EN ISO 62 (24-72 hr) 0.19 – 0.41%
Thermal conductivity IEC 60093 0.47 W/(m K)
Electrical resistivity IEC 93 1.2·1012 Ω·m
Heat deflection temperature ASTM 648 56 °C
UV resistance Pass
Watertightness Pass